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Why Other Premature Ejaculation Treatments Just Don’t Work

Why Other Premature Ejaculation Treatments Just Don’t Work
Team Prolong
Writer and expert3 months ago
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If you're one of the many men who experience premature ejaculation (PE), then you've probably heard your fair share of sales spiel from brands insisting they've got the solution. A pill that holds the ultimate treatment! A spray to fix everything! A pump to take care of your problem! They all claim to have the answer, but the only thing they manage to do is waste your time and money. Chances are, you're over it.

And you know what? So were we. That's why we decided to investigate exactly what every PE treatment gets wrong. And when we figured it out, we couldn't believe the solution was so obvious.

Forget the little details

We know all about the fine print that comes from today's PE treatments, no matter what the product might be.

Topical treatments like numbing sprays and creams can be messy, hard to contain (in other words, not get on your partner during sex), or might even cause an allergic reaction in the last place you'd ever want to experience one.

Pills come with a whole list of questionable side effects, from headaches and fainting to potentially dangerous interactions with other medications you may be taking.

As for pumps, the only thing that's more awkward and uncomfortable than using them is finding a way to whip it out in the heat of the moment. Talk about a mood killer.

Given how exhausting PE can be, you might have even decided you're willing to put up with the mess, side effects or expense if it means you don't have to deal with PE anymore.

But here's the thing: not only are these side effects totally unnecessary, but they also do nothing to actually help you. This might come as a rude shock to you, but the truth is, you're inconveniencing yourself for nothing.

Why? Because there's one major thing that every single one of these products gets wrong - and it's not even a side effect.

The one thing that every other premature ejaculation treatment gets wrong

You want to know the one downfall that every other PE treatment has in common? Here it is: they only provide short-term results.

These products operate on the model of making you continuously buy and use the product to get the same results. Companies do love a repeat customer after all. Meanwhile, your bank balance is the one suffering.

This is where Prolong is different. We didn't want to just help men experiencing PE. We wanted to treat them.

Prolong is a holistic treatment that combines a physical treatment (the Prolong Device) with psychological treatment (Climax Control Training). It doesn't just treat symptoms, but the root cause of your PE. Because as much as we'd love to build a beautiful ongoing relationship with each and every customer, we're really much more interested in curing your PE for good and sending you and your dick on your merry way.

And the best part? You're the one in control. We wanted to empower you to take charge of your treatment and treat yourself. So that's exactly what Prolong does - in just six weeks.

Say goodbye to premature ejaculation today

Ready to say goodbye to side effects, mess, expenses and most importantly, PE forever? Then say hello to Prolong Device, the world's only climax control training device and program that's both clinically developed and FDA cleared, to produce results fast, that last. Try it today!

Team Prolong
Writer and expert
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