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How To Regain Your Sexual Confidence

How To Regain Your Sexual Confidence
Team Prolong
Writer and expert3 months ago
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The phrase ‘premature ejaculation’ hits on a universal vulnerability and fear shared by many men: that they are not performing in the bedroom. It can stir up feelings of shame, helplessness, anxiety. A lot of men would rather eat their own shoe than talk to their friends about climaxing too early — and yet, it’s a concern that so many guys share.

We surveyed over 2,000 men from around the world, and over 80% reported wanting to have better control over how long they lasted in bed. But it's one thing to know that this is a really common problem, and it’s another thing to fix it. The good news is, here at Prolong, we have the answer. A permanent solution that will give you control over how long you last.

But before we get to that, let’s explore some of the things you might be feeling as a result of premature ejaculation — and how you can begin to resolve them.

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How premature ejaculation affects your personality

Before we started our research, we knew that sexual anxieties were damaging to male confidence — we just weren’t aware how much so. Here’s what we found:

  • Over 35% of men lost all confidence in the bedroom
  • Nearly 25% stopped having sex as a result
  • 22% felt a strain on their relationship, and
  • Over 20% avoided new relationships altogether

Losing your sexual confidence can really strike you were it hurts — your concept of masculinity. Not only can that cause depression and helplessness, it gets worse the longer you leave it. That molehill fast becomes a mountain you don’t feel you’ll ever climb.

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Stepping out of a negative mindset

Recognising that you are suffering from a lack of control during sex isn’t admitting a weakness. Actually, it’s a pretty brave move — owning up to your shortcomings takes big balls.

Once you’ve recognised that climaxing too early is something you want to gain control over, its time to let go of those negative thoughts on loop in your head. No, it’s not impossible to solve. No, it doesn’t make you a failure. No, it doesn’t mean you’ll never have ‘normal’ sex again. You are about to start harnessing the power of positive thinking and determination to solve this problem, so get rid of the negativity now.

Taking control of the situation

Time to take action. There are three main focus areas to consider are:

  • Control training
  • Positive self talk
  • Talking with your partner

Control training

Remember when we spoke earlier about a permanent solution to premature ejaculation? Well, this is where control training comes in. The Prolong Climax Control Training Program helps you to control your climax when masturbating using a small vibrating device.

Prolong skips the use of band-aid solutions like drugs or numbing agents and instead focuses on fine-tuning the over-sensitive glans on the head of the penis. Prolong blends the science behind the stop-start method, with a device and six week training program. And our clinical trials show that six months after the training program finishes, your time to ejaculation has either stabilized or improved even more.

Positive self talk

Positive self talk goes hand-in-hand with the training program. Feeling like you’re taking control, is going to be the exact thing that grants you control. Your internal dialogue needs to be your number one fan. That means pumping up your tires with daily affirmations about all the great things you really like about yourself.

Are you kicking butt at work at the moment? Maybe you’re on a new training program at the gym? Or, are you simply just really proud that you’ve finally decided to take control over a health issue that you’ve always been a bit embarrassed about? Go you.

Talking to your partner

Finally, try talking to your partner about what’s going on. Opening up a conversation about premature ejaculation will give them a sense of relief, too — your partner may have their own anxieties, like they’ve done something wrong to cause the problem. Chances are, they’ll be just as relieved as you are that something is being done.

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 Regaining your sexual confidence

The journey towards completely resolving premature ejaculation and being sexually is different for every man. The important thing is not to focus on the urgency of the problem, but in establishing healthy habits and sustainable routines.

Make Prolong training part of your weekly routine. You’ll see results from week one. Set yourself small sexual goals to start getting back into the bedroom, and try incorporating some daily affirmations into your morning routine. Getting back your sexual confidence will happen.

Knowing that you’ve recognised the problem and are actively working to fix it takes a lot of strength. Chin up, chest out, and let’s get back your ??. Try Prolong today.

Team Prolong
Writer and expert
View Team Prolong's profile