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Condoms: Do They Make You Last Longer?

Condoms: Do They Make You Last Longer?
Team Prolong
Writer and expert5 months ago
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Condoms; you either love them or hate them. Some men love them because they believe condoms slightly desensitize the penis, helping them to last longer in bed. And other men hate them, for the same reason; perceived desensitization. But do condoms actually reduce sensitivity of the penis? And what does science have to say about it? Read on to find out.

The uses of condoms

Of course, everyone knows, it’s important to practice safe sex and wear a condom if you’re sleeping with someone new, you and your partner haven’t recently been tested for STDs and the kicker, if your female partner isn’t taking a contraceptive and neither of you is trying to get pregnant.

But many men are also using condoms for another reason. Some men may try ‘doubling up’ and wearing two condoms at once in a bid to reduce over-sensitivity in the penis. However at Prolong we’re a responsible bunch and have to tell you — if you’re interested in avoiding STDs and pregnancy — doubling up is a no good, very bad idea. Two condoms, worn at once, don’t sit together comfortably — they'll rub against each other during intercourse, which can cause both condoms to tear. Yikes.

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What does the science say?

In a global study, researchers had over 500 couples time themselves during sex, starting a timer at the moment of penetration, and then stopping it immediately after climax (sounds hot, right?). The study was conducted to find out the average duration of sex, however there were some interesting secondary findings as well.

One of these was that condoms actually had no impact on how long the men lasted. This challenges some conventional wisdom on the link between condoms, penile sensitivity and long-lasting sex, and suggests that good sex could be about more than just physical sensations. So put those “condoms for longer lasting sex” back on the shelf.

What really makes sex last longer

The key to great sex — regardless of how long it lasts — is feeling in control and confident in your abilities. If you’re feeling anxious about climaxing too early and have been leaning on condoms or double wrapping them to try to last longer, we’re here to tell you there are better solutions available.

Control training devices are clever little inventions to help you master the art of better intercourse with your partner. If you often find yourself climaxing early or experiencing performance anxiety, the Prolong Climax Control Training Program can strengthen your physical and mental ability.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the Prolong Control Trainer for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • Follow the Prolong Climax Control Training Program for 6 weeks.
  • Start to regain control of your dick and its sexual urges after 1 week.
  • See long-term improved sexual performance and sexual satisfaction.

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Why climax control works

Prolong is the only FDA cleared climax control training device on the market. Clinical studies show 7 out of 10 men improve ejaculation time after using the Prolong method. After training for 6 weeks, the best results saw an impressive increase of up to 20 minutes’ extra sexual stamina. All men in the study were happy to say that their overall sexual satisfaction was higher.

Things like condoms, numbing sprays and lubricants may all give you a boost in the short term, but dulling your own sexual enjoyment is no way to live your best life.

By using Prolong Control Training, you can take back control in the bedroom, last longer and fully enjoy every part of sex. Ready to get started? Buy Prolong today.


Team Prolong
Writer and expert
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