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What is Prolong™?

If you're looking to last longer in bed - The Prolong™ Device is the perfect solution. Prolong™ not only allows you to have longer, better sex but it will also help boost your confidence in the bedroom. Prolong™ is a device to be used as part of a climax control program for males who suffer from premature ejaculation or men who would like to last a little longer in bed.

Prolong™ Device whilst used in conjunction with the start-stop technique is designed to increase the time between arousal and ejaculation using the stimulating vibratory effects of the device.

Choose Prolong™ if you need:

image A permanent solution for premature ejaculation that improves your sex life.

image A natural alternative without any side effects.

image An FDA-cleared medical device and program made to reduce your anxiety in the bedroom whilst increasing your sexual stamina.

image A way to last up to 7 times longer without pills, numbing sprays and expensive therapies.

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I had really noticeable gains within a couple of weeks


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After finishing the program, I'm very happy with Prolong


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I love the device and it has actually worked beyond my expectations


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I had been using other methods before prolong and i'm glad I chose this

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Why Prolong

How it works, transcript available

Science Doesn’t Lie

Looking to delay ejaculation? Prolong™ is the perfect choice! It was created using scientific data and designed by a world renowned doctor who spent many years researching the most effective method to treat premature ejaculation with long lasting results.

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins The Doctors to discuss the Prolong™ device which is said to help men suffering from premature ejaculation.

“Train your brain to put the brakes on better and longer”.


The value of Prolong™

If you suffer from PE (premature ejaculation), Prolong™ is not only a effective and permanent way to cure it but it's so discreet and easy to use, there's no need to worry about following our very simple 6 week climax control program. Prolong is also the cheapest solution available. 

Our table shows the true value when compared to other methods.

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If you would like to learn about our premature ejaculation device and how it helps men last longer in bed, please view our 'how it works' page.

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